International Benefits

Many of our clients struggle to ensure that adequate international coverage is provided to all foreign nationals, U.S. ex-patriots residing internationally, third-country nationals and American citizens traveling temporarily in foreign nations. Our professionals understand the unique differences between U.S.-based insurance and insurance needs in foreign countries. We are also sensitive to cultural issues relating to employee benefits in some foreign nations that do not believe that company health plans should provide benefits for certain illnesses. Most executives in foreign countries want private health insurance, and Glocal Insurance can help your company with procuring the most beneficial international insurance policies for your foreign-based employees.

Whether your company employs ex-patriots, local nationals, or third country nationals (TCNs), we customize value-added benefit programs that are adapted for the specific culture of each unique international market served by our clients. We have a lot of experience in standardizing international employee benefits to resemble American insurance policies, and the following are some examples of the insurance programs we have customized for international employees:
      • Health (either U.S.-style or as a supplement to the country’s health care program)
      • Prescription Drug
      • Dental
      • Vision Care
      • Disability (both group and individual)
      • Term Life (both group and individual)
      • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (both group and individual)
      • Retirement (offered in conjunction with the country’s pension plan)
International Benefits

Contact our specialists at Glocal Insurance to find out what a standard benefits package consists of in a specific foreign country. After reviewing the needs of that country’s employees and the business philosophy in that marketplace, we will develop and recommend a comprehensive package that is consistent with your company’s overall compensation strategy.