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Glocal Insurance Services: Your Human Resources Advocate!

The professionals at Glocal Insurance Services LLC strive to exceed every client’s expectation by providing services that most insurance consultants do not provide their customers. We know that a well-administered benefits package creates a stable company morale, and directly leads to more productive employees. Unlike many of our competitors, Glocal provides our clients with legislative updates, eligibility/enrollment administration and human resources advocacy. We believe that knowledgeable human resources professionals provide the best service to employees and their families.

Our design of benefits packages incorporates group benefits, executive benefits and international benefits. With each customized insurance product, we review the global and local marketplace, and customize a plan that offers the greatest value while utilizing cost containment features that reduce the ever-increasing administrative and claim costs. Glocal is a well-respected firm in the global and local marketplaces, and we only recommend A-rated insurance carriers for most of our insurance products.

At Glocal Insurance, our goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and integrity.We never compromise the interest of a client for financial gain. When we award business to a third-party vendor, the decision is always based on a comprehensive and diligent survey of the vast marketplace with the unique qualities of the client considered at all times during the process. Companies and their respective human resources departments are enriched by our services, whether the company is large or small. Operating as a partner, instead of a vendor, permits us to provide the necessary consultation when the client needs it the most in these difficult times.
As a business partner, we accept our role as consultant with pride, and expand the channels of communication with our clients to keep them abreast of current healthcare trends and legislation. Although we are great advocates of technology, Glocal also understands that the selection of an insurance broker is predicated on trust and industry expertise. As a potential client, you can expect us to step in and assist you or your company in any capacity. This proactive approach enables the client to operate efficiently and make well-informed decisions that are beneficial to the business and its employees.

Please take the opportunity to peruse the Glocal Insurance Services website for information about how we tap into the marketplace to address clients’ global and local benefits needs.

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    Americans have always purchased automobile and home insurance so that their family and assets are protected from a financial disaster. Long-term care should be on that same radar, especially since it is significantly more likely that they will need long-term care than home or auto insurance.