Our Services

Glocal Health Care Reform Consulting

Glocal Insurance offers its clients an analysis of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) potential impact on their employee health plan benefits. Glocal’s Health Care Reform Consulting Services offer added value in interpreting and applying the results of the Health Care Reform Strategic Impact Study to your specific plans and employee group. Learn More>>

Employee Benefits

Glocal Insurance Services specializes in customizing employee benefits packages for small, mid-size and large companies. Every recommendation is customized to offer the greatest value while considering the client’s budgetary concerns. A well-designed employee benefits program can be one of the greatest recruiting and employee retention tools. Learn More>>

Individual Insurance

Glocal Insurance also understands that individuals require quality insurance solutions. We customize insurance products for individuals, which might include life insurance (term and permanent), disability, annuities, long-term care (LTCi), and individual health plans. Learn More>>

Senior Insurance

Glocal Insurance has a senior division with expertise in the senior insurance market. Our senior consultants assist clients with obtaining long-term care insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap supplemental policies, and the best Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). Learn More>>

Key Executive Benefits

Executives are very important to the day-to-day business operations of a company, as well as the future strategic direction of the company. As such, companies want to make sure that these men and women are fairly compensated, and that benefits are provided that will help retain these highly skilled individuals. Glocal advanced market consultants help to create supplemental plans that enhance the group employee benefits package, so that these employees are not “penalized” due their higher incomes. Learn More>>

International Benefits

In addition to helping clients with U.S.-based insurance, Glocal consultants also help companies who are faced with insurance hurdles on an international scale. Whether our clients are dealing with foreign nationals, U.S. ex-patriots residing internationally, third-country nationals or American citizens traveling temporarily in foreign nations, we can recommend a comprehensive solution that provides security for the employee and maintains the company’s competitive age in the region. Learn More>>

Human Resources Consulting

Although Glocal Insurance Services specializes in employee benefits, we also focus on making HR professionals look proactive and strategic with regards to their human resources role. Our HR consulting division helps HR departments with writing employee handbooks, standardizing HR procedures, and implementing compliance programs. We also advise our clients regarding legislation that impacts personnel and compliance issues. Learn More>>

Communications Consulting

A comprehensive employee benefits package is a great investment for employers. A well selected employee benefits package demonstrates a commitment to cultivating a positive morale in the workplace. However, no employee benefit is worth anything unless the employees understand what they have and the cost basis for the benefits paid for by the company. Company policies, benefits documentation and total compensation data are examples of information that our consultants help HR departments distribute to their employees. Learn More>>