Communications Consulting

As an extension of our HR Consulting services, Glocal Insurance also assist our clients and their respective HR departments in creating the appropriate communication of policies, benefits documentation, legislative updates, etc. Glocal Insurance professionals will assist you with all employee communications including new employee packages, employee benefits information, annual open enrollment options and COBRA. We also can assist our clients with communications that provide total compensation details such as customized benefits statements.

Communications Consulting Interaction

The professionals at Glocal know that just creating and maintaining employee benefits is not enough for most clients. In order for the benefits to be appreciated by those they are intended for, all benefit plan designs and summary plan descriptions must be communicated to the employees in a timely manner. We assist our clients with communications relating to new benefit programs via email, regular mail or in-person consultation. At the client’s request, we conduct comprehensive employee orientation meetings that permit the employees to ask questions in an interactive setting. These services relieve the human resources staff so that they can commit themselves to other important tasks.

Employee Surveys

Employee Feedback
In addition to our communication assistance with the benefit programs, we also provide online surveys that permit our clients to find out if their employees are satisfied with the current benefits package. The survey also allows the client to find out what additional benefits the employees would like to see added at a future date. We host the survey online, tabulate the results, and make recommendations to the customer based on the results of the survey.

Benefit Statements

With the average company spending nearly one-third of its total compensation package on employee benefits, many companies want employees to see just how much is spent on the company’s benefit programs. Benefit statements are a valuable communication document that illustrates the benefits that are provided by the company. The statements are usually provided annually and help in communicating the effects of escalating insurance costs that are traditionally absorbed by the employer. These statements can be distributed electronically via email, stored on HRIS personal profiles, or printed professionally and mailed to the employee’s home address.

Communications are extremely important with all aspects of human resources and employee benefits. The more employees understand policies, procedures, vacation and sick accruals, and employee benefits plan designs, the more essential communication is to the company at large. We can help your HR department provide prompt communications that educate and avoid unnecessary employee litigation.